Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Inspiration: Seeded Eucalyptus

There is something incredibly charming about seeded eucalyptus. A common "foliage" filler you can find year round, "seeded euc" is rustic, beautiful, adds great texture and is quite fall-ish! I recently bought a whole bundle of seeded euc at Wholesale Flowers and Supplies for $6! I found it in the most lovely shade of a plum purple. You can also find it many times in the more common silver dollar eucalyptus green color, burgundy or even chartreuse! There are a wide variety of shades and colors that look spectacular in any arrangement of flowers, or even your holiday decor! The fragrance is absolutely incredible and will leave your home smelling fresh and fall-like for several days. [Happy Fall!]


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why should I hire an event planner?

Photographer: Cameron Ingalls [Source: Green Wedding Shoes]

A commonly asked question we know that every bride asks, or even just ponders is,"Why should I hire and event planner?" I'm creative....I already know what I want...I've had lots of parties before....I helped with my best friend and sister's weddings....I can't afford it...the list goes on!Today we were asked by an editor at Exquisite Weddings Magazine, what are the top reasons we think why it is important to hire a coordinator, so I thought we might just share with our readers a few of the things we expressed to them...

  • You don’t know, what you don’t know. Often times, by the time you figure out the answers to those questions, it is too late. The money has been spent and the contract has been signed.
  • Have you ever hosted 20-40 people at your home for a dinner party? Try to imagine how it would feel hosting 100, 150, or 250+ and you are the main attraction! How are you going to be the Star and still run around demanding when you want the bread and butter to arrive and let the DJ know when to start the first dance? IT'S NOT THE APPROPRIATE PLACE TO DO THAT! You are there to enjoy your day and be with your guests.
  • Family matters. Dealing with your family that day is chaotic and managing them that day is a full time job. It is important to have someone there as a mutual third party that can be that person to bounce ideas off and help you stay calm and do things in a orderly manner.
  • We are your ally and advocate. Another important piece a wedding coordinator can offer you is that they act as your advocate. The WC {wedding coordinator} will motivate and manage all the vendor teams. That day we manage nearly sixty people who are assisting with that day.
  • Money talks. Money is stressful. You have a budget and think, “well, I can work with that amount." But then you find the perfect dress which is $1,000 more than expected. A WC will help you stick with your budget. A couple may say, “well, its only $100 more." But if you do that multiple times, it adds up. The money you spend with a coordinator will more than make up the amount they help you save, and because of their relationships with vendors, a WC can get you better deals in a variety of ways.
  • The home stretch. The last week, the list of details is huge. There is a lot to accomplish that week and the last thing anyone would want is to have their friends and families running around stressed. The last week or more, everything should be communicated through the WC to avoid frustration and pointless questions.
  • And lastly, having a planner on board allows you to slow down and take a deep breath and truly enjoy the process of planning your wedding!




Monday, October 19, 2009

more ::Out of the Box:: party love.

We wanted to share a few more photos from the Out of the Box party with Posh Paperie. If you didn't see the first post with more details...visit here! Much thanks again to Julie from Journey of the Lens for the photos! A few photos are also from Melody at Sweet and Saucy shop, one talented gal! :) Thanks again to the folks at Point Loma Wine Steals! The event space was perfect for the event!




Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DIY Pinwheels

You might remember our Sweet as a Peach tablescape? Those sweet 'lil pinwheels were thought up by none other than those so creative Posh Paperie ladies, Karrie + Elizabeth. Style Me Pretty requested a DIY post...and here is what they came up with! Photos by the talented Jackie Wonders.

These little lovelies are a great addition to any event!!

[DIY Pinwheels] - as seen here today on Style Me Pretty!

Step #1: Supplies.

Pick your paper and buttons. *Hint*: text weight paper works best. Choosing coordinating patterns and colors for the paper is fun, and choosing different sizes and shapes in the buttons is cute, too. Choose scissors or a paper cutter, and adhesive. Cut 2 strips of paper, equal length and width, depending on the size of the pinwheel you want (thicker strips = larger pinwheel).

Steps #2 and #3: Folding + Combining.

Evenly fold (like an accordion) the 2 strips of paper. Make sure the widths match! (Note: smaller folds make tighter pinwheels. Larger folds are more loose and show more of the pattern. We like to make several of each size – makes for an adorable display). Line up one end of the folded accordion with the end of the other accordion. Fit together and adhere securely. Permanent adhesive squares work nicely, and lie flat.

Step #4: Securing.

Pull the loose ends of the accordion strip around towards each other and adhere securely. The pinwheel will look like a cardstock “circle” (similar to the coffee sleeves they give you at Starbucks). You will need to pop the pinwheel out and push it down (work with it until it looks like a pinwheel should look), holding it in place with your fingers. In the photo, the paperweight is doing the job of holding the pinwheel in place.

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Step #5: Finishing Touches.

Choose your button and secure *tightly* with glue dots (you may need to use several!). Note: we recommend weighing the pinwheels down for several hours once they are fully assembled). This will help to ensure that they are secure.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

:: Out of the Box :: Event!

Last week we had the honor of working with our gals over at Posh Paperie to create a fun holiday event featuring their new line of Christmas cards! The event was held at Wine Steals in Point Loma, and we truly had a wonderful time! Below are just a few photos and preview from Julie Dent of Journey of the Lens. Be sure to check back soon for more photos.

[Out of the Box] theme was holiday inspired to create "out of the box" thinking, ideas and fun for the upcoming holiday season! We designed a warm tablescape that featured florals from The Floral Lab. Our dear friend Melody from Sweet and Saucy Shop highlighted her goodies on a beautiful dessert table!

Thank you to Posh Paperie, Sweet and Saucy Shop, The Floral Lab and Journey of the Lens for making this event so much fun!!! Make sure you visit Posh Paperie's blog to see more and purchase your Christmas card for 2009! Such an adorable collection...
Thanks to all who came and made the event so much fun. It was wonderful to meet so many others in the industry!

Ashlyn + Heather

Love these gals! {C&C, Posh Paperie + Journey of the Lens} Mel+Leigh Anne..sad we missed you at the very end for our group photo!