Monday, November 9, 2009

C&C Spotlight: InkandButton

Sigh. We are [so] proud. Working with creative brides is such a delight and what makes our job so much fun. You might remember Lisa & Derren's wedding we did last spring. Lisa was the ultimate DIY bride, which included designing each and every felt flower bouquet for their wedding. Lisa has recently opened a new Etsy boutique called InkandButton, which features her latest, brilliant creations! Run over to her online shop and check them out for yourselves...too cute!! And at this time of year, these would make ideal Christmas gifts, look wonderful in your upcoming engagement photos, or even be a creative and unique gift for your bridesmaids. She will also take any custom orders, if you brides would like one for your big day! Enjoy!

I am so, so very in love with this one, the Isabella Fascinator!


Ashlyn + Heather



Rachel Castillero said...

I LOVE these, and I ESPECIALLY love the idea of felt flower bouquets for a wedding!! (wish I knew about her when I get married...sigh...I will definitely pass on her info though). Thanks for posting this! :)

Megan Welker said...

ooo i loooove those! those buttons are just too adorable!