Monday, May 3, 2010

Sneak Peek: Julie + Brad

I was preparing a Real Wedding blog post for a very special couple, Brad + Julie, when this particular photo caught my eye. Among the hundreds of photos I was pouring through, this is the one I loved most. Something about it is completely magical in a perfect, spiritual sort of way. It's the lighting and the excitement you can feel, just moments following their ceremony.

And then I realized why I love this photo so much. It is a perfect picture of their love. It is pure and sweet, real and unique, and after time spent with these two, it makes me want to run home and love my own hunny just that much more.

Julie and Brad, keep that kind of love forever and ever. Your love and respect for one another is beautiful & contagious.

More of their fun wedding coming soon! Nothing But Miracles Photography, thanks for this sweet memory!


Ashlyn + Heather


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