Friday, August 7, 2009

Antique Shopping Secrets

One afternoon last week, I was out shopping for some fun pieces for a project we're working on. I decided to slip in the local antique shops found in Ocean Beach. There were some amazing finds! As you know, the ever so popular "vintage" theme incorporated in weddings is huge. Whether it be hobnob glass vases, chandeliers, chalkboards, vintage signs....the details are endless!

After browsing around for a bit, and noticing the high priced sales tag on many of the beautiful depression glass vases, I had an idea. I asked the woman at the front desk if she would be willing to sell the items to me, and after use I could sell them back to the shop? That's when she dropped the hint that I think you all should know. {Vendors, brides, party planners alike!} You can rent pieces from the antique store.....for 20% of the price!! I can't claim that all antique stores do this, but if you're looking for some fun pieces for your tables at the wedding, a photo shoot or fun event, I highly suggest checking this out. It may be a great bargain, and a simply wonderful added detail!

Image Sources: Row 1: Antique Sign Row 2: Antique Store, Chandelier, Green Hob Nob Glass Row 3: Blue Glass, Stacked Tea Cups, Door Knobs Row 4: Tea Cups & Saucers, Vintage Keys.


Ashlyn + Heather



Alicia G. said...

Love that! Great suggestion for those that don't have a ton of antiques at home but want to incorporate them!

stephanie fay said...

So I totally found all my chandeliers :) YAY! ALL for cheap and all brand new! Good ol antique stores! LOVE EM!

Carter & Cook Event Co. said...

You two.. so sweet, our fave Oct. brides! :) Steph, SO happy you found some. They're going to look amazing!