Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coral & Shimmer [nonpareil magazine] Shoot 1.

We are so excited to finally be able to share more of the fun details that we have been working on since November. Our concept for this tablescape shoot was bold, colorful, and creative while using a variety of gold and shimmery tones. Coral and gold look simply incredible together, and it is something fresh and new that hasn't been overdone. There was a photo I saw of a coffee shop in New Zealand that had lots of lamps hanging upside down on their lamp stand. It was then that I had an "ah-ha!" moment, and thought it might be pretty fun to find different shapes of old lamps, cover them with fun fabric and hang above a wedding table! So, the Coral & Shimmer table was born, with so much help from our fabulous team of vendors.

Table Linen + Bistro Chairs: Classic Party Rentals
Paper Styling: Posh Paperie
Floral Styling: The Floral Lab

These amazing ladies made this vision come to life, in all of their awesomeness! Thank you all again!! And thank you Maddy & Kristen for allowing us to join the fun of Nonpareil Magazine! See the shoot and write up here!

Leigh Anne from The Floral Lab pulled through and found us the perfect coral peonies for the shoot. I am totally in love with them and really think they make such a dramatic impact on any table. Yes, they are pricey, but as we mention in the article, you only need a few stems to make a big impact on any table. Leigh Anne also sprayed several pieces of the foliage gold, which matches perfectly with the table. Another DIY trick to fancy up your standard greenery and give the centerpiece an antique finish.

These lampshades were a vision that came to life! All you need is your trusty glue gun, ribbon, various old lampshades, spray paint and fabric of your choice to create your mini lamp chandelier. We found our fabrics online from various Etsy sellers, and the lampshades were all found at Pat's Corner for $1.00 a piece! Such a fun bargain.

DIY Lampshade Chandelier:

step 1. Lay your fabric out, and measure the amount you will need for each shade. Don't worry about getting it too exact - you can always, trim, tuck and fold and glue the extra underneath.

step 2. Use your hot clue gun to secure the fabric on one side and wrap it around the shade. The larger, more symmetrical shade you have, the easier it will be. Make sure that it looks "pretty" from underneath, as your guests will be able to see the inside if these are used as a chandelier.

step 3. Spray painting a few of the lampshades is quite easy, and much quicker! It adds some simplicity if the fabric you use is a little busier.

step 4. Once done and dry, tie the inside tops of each shade with ribbon and hang from a ceiling, overhang, tree, or any area in which you can secure these pretties over your table. It is such a fun way to bring a homey feel outside! I also think this would be darling at a bridal shower, or a fun party.

We'll be back soon for round two next...The DIY cookie bar and paper quilling by Posh Paperie!


Ink and Button said...

I LOVE it! Such a creative DIY. Congrats on the awesome opportunity, Ashlyn and Heather!

Daisy Varley said...

Sweet! Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes :) And another thanks for sharing Pat's Corner. I'm planning on checking it out tomorrow.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness you guys. This is incredible!! Lovely, and creative and fresh... perfect!! I might steal the lampshade idea - yes?? xoxo

Katee Grace said...

oh beautiful! what gorgeous designs and photography!

photographing beautiful tablescapes is so fun!

xoxo | katee grace


Margery Viverette said...

I'm thinking of turning my little table lampshade into a chandelier for my sister's birthday party. I still have some hand forged iron left in the basement. Hehe! Thanks for the DIY!