Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Coral & Shimmer [nonpareil magazine] Part Deux

We're back to round up the details from our tablescape photo shoot for Nonpareil Magazine. This was an extremely fun project, as we worked on creating something beautiful, yet affordable for most brides!

Karrie & Elizabeth are the two behind Posh Paperie. These girls always amaze us with creativity and attention to detail through paper. We were excited to see their paper quilling skills when it came to this shoot. We tried to incorporate the round movement through paper in different ways.

Here is a little DIY tutorial for your very own quilled lettering, which can be a creative touch to any piece of the wedding! I loved the framed monogram and cookie banner they came up with.

You will need: a pencil, strips of paper cut 1" thick and glue dots.

First, determine what word you want to spell out. For each letter, use a strip of paper for each stroke you need to form the letter. Wrap the edges of each strip tightly around a pencil to curl it and shape the rest of the strop to form the letter. To attach the strop to the surface, use a glue dot as needed!

Dessert bars are still awesome. In 2010, I think we're going to see many twists on your standard dessert bar. Friends, meet the DIY Cookie Bar. Often times we get many brides who don't love cake. We encourage our brides to do things they love, and reflect their own taste. And this bride is a cookie lover.

With a handful of family recipes, she got her family to baking and we created a mini cookie bar. We covered pieces of wood in the fabrics to match our colors, theme, and the lampshades. We placed them on top of large candlestick holders to create various heights. The finish, stack the mini cookies inside gold foiled cupcake liners. Don't forget the milk! Serve ice cold milk in non-traditional old bottles with mini glasses.

If you don't want to bake these yourself, ask your caterer or hire a baker to make homemade cookies of your choice, and see if they can even serve them warm!

This wraps up the shoot. Thank you again Nonpareil for the opportunity to be a part of issue number one! Many more fun details about the shoot can be found in the Nonpareil article. We'll leave you with a quick snap shot of yours truly, Heather and Ashlyn. All of our photos were taken by Jackie Wonders!


Karen said...

ahhhhmazing. You girls are so talented and darling.We are so proud of you both! Love K & S

Lindsay said...

Wow Ash!
Just so beautiful!!! I wish I could get married all over again just so you can set up the flowers and table! Your journey has just begun!!! Love Love the picture of you both!!!

Love Linds

Ink and Button said...

Such a beautiful picture of you two!! LOVE!

Esther said...

You two are just soo beautiful!! I LOVED LOVED your tablescape from the utterly engaged new year's party & this one is pretty awesome too! :) I secretly love your work~

Aly said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I am in love with your beautifully styled tablescapes and creative wedding themes-keep up the good work!