Friday, September 4, 2009

Kate + Daniel: Engaged!

We would like to share an ADORABLE engagement session of one of are oh-so-fun couples! We adore Kate and Daniel and are very excited to have a small part in their lives while planning and designing their special day this November! The fabulous photographers they chose are Erin and Randy from He and She Photography. If it's not obvious, they have serious talent, and are some of the sweetest photogs we've ever met. Thank you Erin and Randy for sharing these photos with us see more, visit the He&She blog!

l o v e this photo in the field...!

You two are so beautiful...and I must say, so stylish! :)

We love when a couple's photos show off their fun personality! Great prop!

I think this one might be my fave? How sweet is this?


Ashlyn + Heather


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