Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Wedding: Liz & Rich Part II

Liz & Rich's wedding ooozzzed with fabulousness. The amount of time they spent on the details definitely shows. We love couples who care about the details as much as us! We cannot take much creative credit for this darling was all these two! I just love this photo. Did you get a look at Rich's homemade, Up, Up, Up and Away themed pinata?!

Liz took a tiny little hit, barely breaking a sweat - and then there was Rich. He didn't hold back! Inside the pinata was tons of toothpaste, floss and toothbrushes, all of which, timely followed the dessert and sweets buffet table. It was also a heartfelt personal touch in honor of Liz's grandfather and former dentist they all call, "Doc."

The 'Pop' bar was such a hit. All the guests enjoyed the brightly colored soda pop and vintage spiraled drinking straws.

A Polaroid camera station was set up for guests to have a photo snapped of themselves, and then leave a memo in the guest book.

The wildflowers that filled the Darlington House were beyond adorable. Old glass vases, bottles, and containers were used on the various tables. Modern Bouquet did such a beautiful job capturing Liz's vision.

The bride and groom sure love their sweets! They had a candy buffet filled to the brim with a variety of candies including homemade toffee [courtesy of the mother of the groom]. The sweets buffet was totally decked out in Red Velvet cupcakes, colorful hot air balloon cookies, and the father of the brides famous chocolate chip cookies. The small cake was adorned with darling bride & groom birds, which yes, Rich made himself!!

The fabric colored pendants were also made by the couple and covered the Darlington House grounds. They were such a colorful addition to the naturally beautiful property and added some fun 'spunk'!

The ceremony was beautiful with the ribbon backdrop they designed. Each guest's seat had a cute paper cone filled with dozens of yarn balls to toss at the newlyweds as they made their way back down the aisle!

One of my favorite photos of the day! They're so happy!

Thank you Wedding Chicks for featuring Liz and Rich's wedding! To see more visit HERE! Also Elizabeth Anne Designs showcased the stunning and chic flowers...HERE! All photos are by some of our favorite photographers, He & She Photography.

Mr. and Mrs. Millard { !!! }: Thank you for allowing Heather and I to share in your day, the beautiful details, and a piece of your lives. We are blessed by your love and joy for life. We are so stoked for you two!!! Come visit soon xo



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Erin said...

*sigh* just love this wedding! perfect, perfect, perfect :)

Betsy, La Vida said...

Oh my goodness. I am IN LOVE with this wedding! So many cute details. Just delicious!!! Well captured too, of course :-)

Punctuation Mark said...

this is what i call a very fun event... this is the type of wedding that is really worth planning... FUN!

Susan said...

What an absolutely fabulous and FUN wedding this must have been! I love it!

Cupcake + Sunshine said...

I love pretty much EVERYTHING about this wedding!

Anna said...

beautiful! these photos are perfect!

Design Fixation said...

Haha. Ahahahhaha. I'm definitely having a pinata at my wedding when I get married. AndI absolutely love the colorful decorations!Inspirational.

wishful nals said...

i love everything about this wedding. sensational!

heidi adnum said...

Oh, this is so fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing the photos. The bride looks stunning. Love, love, love :)

Mercedes said...

Very bright, colorful and cheerful! Do yo happen to know where they got the letters or how they were made? They look like fabric colored letters vs. the typical paper covered. I would love to know!! Thanks!

Carter & Cook Event Co. said...

Hi Mercedes, The letters can be found at Anthropologie! : )