Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yesterday. March 16th, 2010.

It was one of those of those moments you think will never happen to you, but then it does and leaves you a bit speechless, in the teary-eyed, really amazing kind of way.

It happened! We are published in a real magazine. Not only any magazine, but Exquisite Weddings Magazine. The thick pages are filled one by one with beautiful and stunning images...and then you get to page 116 and see a tablescape done by us, Carter & Cook Event Co.

I received a call from Alyssa back in the beginning of December, asking if we were interested in designing a tablescape for the Spring 2010 issue. I gasped, held back a few tears of excitement, and quickly said YES!

The shoot was in three weeks and if you know much at all about designing a shoot, that is FAST. We quickly pulled together a team of incredible vendors: My Sweet and Saucy Shop, The Floral Lab, and Love At First Invite , who carried the vision and theme throughout the shoot two days before Christmas.

For some, this may not be any goal to have in life, but when you're new to the industry and working hard to grow your company, little blessings such as this goes a long way. Yesterday we were published in a magazine, and Lord, you are so very good!!

I'll be posting the tablescape shoot in a few days!